Book Synopsis

front-cover-mediumNothing can strike fear, anxiety, depression, grief, or overwhelm quicker than a cancer diagnosis. Medical advancements in the treatment of cancer continue to mushroom. Concern with emotional well being has been largely ignored within cancer, until recently. Now, both the medical community and the psychological community are in agreement, healing is best served tending to physical and emotional needs of patients.

This book will tell you how to thrive emotionally. It is a manual filled with effective, simple tools and skills to move you forward, inspiring emotional well-being throughout cancer diagnosis, treatment, and post treatment.

The material for this book came from my work with cancer patients in all stages of cancer, diagnosed with all types of cancer. I had the opportunity to create a psychotherapy program for cancer patients to come in for an hour weekly session, exploring and developing strategies for coping with cancer. If desired, he or she could bring family members or caregivers joining in the session or with the option of having their own psychotherapy session.

The word psychotherapy, in the past, has scared some people thinking they were crazy. Some people are. But that was out of the scope of this program. The people who came to see me were regular, everyday people often scared, worried, tired, clueless about how to get themselves through cancer. Their loved ones were “lost” too, coping both with relationships centered around cancer and their own concerns, fears, and worries.

You will find a wealth of “right now” useable information to powerfully inspire you emotionally within the cancer journey. Use this information to successfully ramp up your strength, courage, and everything else you need for decisively moving yourself forward.

Title:  Emotional Wellness: The Other Half of Treating Cancer
Author:  Niki Barr, Ph.D.
Pages;  160
Trim size: 6 x 9
Publication date:  March 2013
ISBN:  978-0-615577463

Table of Contents




Chapter 1 A Cancer Diagnosis
Chapter 2 Medical Treatment – Into the Unknown
Chapter 3 Post Medical Treatment – Moving Forward
Chapter 4 Returning to the Healing Path – Recurrence and Metastasis
Chapter 5 Anticipatory Grief and Grieving
Chapter 6 Emotional Wellness and Loss




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